Who we represent

TS represent a range of companies from large multinationals through to small family owned setups. All operate in some relation to the professional textile care services industry.

The industry incorporates commercial laundries/textile renters and dry clean/wet clean high street garment aftercare. Each sector has specialist skills involved and acts as a vital service for their specific customer base.

For example:

  • without laundries processing bed linen to a hygienically clean level for the healthcare sector, hospitals would not be able to have patients on their beds
  • without laundries processing bed linen and towels, the UK tourism industry would not be able to open their doors
  • without dry cleaners and wet cleaners providing high street garment aftercare, many well-loved brands and clothes would be a one-wear wonder
  • without specialised laundries processing industrial personal protective equipment garments for road workers and night workers, roads would not be built or repaired
  • without specialised laundries processing workwear to protect food products from the people packaging them, food would not appear on the shelves

The textile care services industry is truly a hidden pillar of society and it's the Association's role to raise the profile of our diligent membership.