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TSA members commit to the TSA Pledge to return hygienically confident products to their customers.

Hotels need laundry. Laundries need hotels. Never has this been more appropriate than what faces us in the hospitality industry right now. We’re different sides of the same coin. The future’s uncertain and, unfortuntely, not everyone may make it. However what’s clear is that if we can assist and support each other then we all will have a much better chance of coming out the other side.

Going forward, it’s critical that laundries, and hotels, will need to be able to meet new operational expectations and processing validations for the safety of staff and customers. Working in partnership with UK Hospitality, we are busy ensuring the commercial laundry sector is ready for when you re-open. Over recent months we have set up specific work groups, lobbied with Government and engaged with almost every laundry in the country to offer advice and guidance through the pandemic. The TSA represents over 95% of the UK commercial laundry sector, but if your laundry isn’t a member, ask them to get in touch and we will happily share with them an array of useful information and relevant documentation.

We wish you well and want to help you come out of this crisis in as strong a position as possible, so that we can face the future together.

David Stevens, CEO, Textile Services Association

Handling Linen at your Hotel

We have been working with UK Hospitality to help provide guidance for the safe handling of linen and textiles within your business. You may personally find something different works better for you, but in general, the principles are;

• Store clean linen in secure linen rooms and access only on as required basis

• Store soiled linen in seperate areas, ideally with physical barriers or in shrouded cages

• Store soiled textiles on a ground floor, as near to an external exit as possible, and away from guest and high traffic flow areas

• Segregate clean and soiled linen on housekeeping trolleys and throughout changing bedrooms

• Collect soiled table linen directly into clear plastic bags

• Have an agreed procedure for identifying and containing contaminated textiles

• Use a contactless collection and delivery process (avoid requirements for signatures etc)

• Prevent and control exposure by considering the use of Personal & Respiratory Protective Equipment.

Please click on the image below to read and download the guidelines in full:

Marketing Tools

Hygienically clean textiles are paramount in what we do and providing a safe, clean environment to protect the health of guests is more important than ever. We have created marketing tools to reassure your guests and staff, including a number of short videos:

We have also designed various literature that can be displayed across various departments within hotels to offer guests reassurance that the bed linen, towels, bath robes, and table linen that they come into contact with has been professionally laundered to be hygienically clean. For TSA members, the following designs are available as mini A-Board Cards or A4 Posters:






TSA - Stronger Together - Brochure

The marketing tools also includes a brochure around hotels and laundries working together in the reopening phase, approved by UK Hospitality:

How to Access the Marketing Materials

As a TSA member you can attain copies of any of the marketing materials displayed to share with your customers. Additionally, you can also place an order of any of the mini designs and personalise the documents to incorporate your own logo, contact details etc. To do so please click here.  

If you wish to become a member of the TSA or if you would like any further information regarding the above, please do not hesitate to contact us on +44 (0)20 3151 5600 or tsa@tsa-uk.org. 




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