Textile Services Cost Index FYQ2 2020/2021

Textile Services Cost Index (TSCI) FYQ2 index constitutes data for July, August and September 2020 months as per the latest release of quarterly energy prices by BEIS (Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy). The TSCI is put together from a variety of reliable sources as detailed below. This index was previously known as Laundry Cost Index (LCI).


Annual Increase from 2019/2020 FYQ2 to 2020/2021 FYQ2

Cost Centre Increase Weighting Total
Labour 6.21% 40% 2.48%
Textiles 1.52% 15% 0.23%
Energy -7.77% 10% -0.78%
Diesel -9.98% 4% -0.42%
Other Transport 0.00% 8% 0.00%
Other 0.55% 23% 0.13%
TOTAL   100% 1.64%

Increase in the Last Three Years (2017 - 2020)

Cost Centre Increase Weighting Total
Labour 16.27% 40% 6.51%
Textiles 6.01% 15% 0.90%
Energy 4.41% 10% 0.44%
Diesel -1.95% 4% -0.08%
Other Transport 3.08% 8% 0.24%
Other 6.77% 23% 1.56%
TOTAL   100% 9.57%

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The Full Report

Annual Increase

TSCI (LCI)_Q2_2020-2021 Jul, Aug, Sep 20).pdf


TSCI (LCI)_Q1_2020-2021 Apr, May, Jun 20).pdf 2.02%
TSCI (LCI)_Q4_2019 Jan, Feb, Mar 20).pdf 2.73%
TSCI (LCI)_Q3_2019 Oct, Nov, Dec 19).pdf 1 1.75%
TSCI (LCI)_Q1_2019 (Apr, May, Jun 19).pdf 4.00%
TSCI (LCI)_Q4_2018 (Jan,Feb, Mar 19).pdf 4.92%
TSCI (LCI)_Q3_2018 (Oct, Nov, Dec 18).pdf 5.54%
TSCI (LCI)_Q2_2018 (Jul, Aug, Sep 18).pdf 4.94%
TSCI (LCI)_Q1_2018 (Apr, May, Jun 18).pdf 4.13%


For the purpose of all calculations, the latest available quarterly or monthly numbers have been applied.

Labour: UK Government


Textiles: Office for National Statistics (Textile costs)


Energy and Diesel: Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy


Gas and Electricity: Table 3.3.2 current CCL” - Gas is weighted 75% and Electricity 25%

Diesel: Table 4.1.1

Other Transport: Office for National Statistics


Other costs: Office for National Statistics



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