Interim Healthcare Laundry Certification (Covid-19 Response)


The industrial laundry sector has a central role to play in the UK Government’s strategy on reusable healthcare products for care homes and nursing homes. We have been working collaboratively with NHSI (NHS Improvements) and the Cabinet Office to ensure that the laundry operators offer consistent quality of service nationally. The Interim Healthcare Laundry Certification (IHLC) has been put together in consultation with NHSI to provide a quicker route to serving care homes and nursing homes without significant reduction on quality requirements. This scheme is a part of the Government’s response to Covid-19 outbreak and will be reviewed biannually.

The certification allows laundries not currently certified to BS EN 14065 to process healthcare products in line with procedures laid out in HTM 01-04 and it is a great opportunity to enter the healthcare market particularly with the primary care establishments, Nursing and Care Home sectors. It is the only recognised solution to take part in the project without full certification to BS EN 14065. Those who already have BS EN 14065 do not need the certification but may need to review their procedures if they do not currently process healthcare gowns.

For those laundries obtaining the temporary certification when successfully assessed you will be included on the list of approved processing sites provided to the NHS and the Government.

It should be noted that this is only a temporary certification scheme during the epidemic. If your intention is to remain in the market post COVID, you will require full certification and you will have the option to full BS EN 14065 certification at the end of the scheme.

We have composed a survey to gauge the uptake of this certification. This will help us start preparing the list of laundries for NHSI and the Department of Health and Social Care. Therefore, if you are intending to offer healthcare laundering and interested in becoming certified, please may you kindly complete the survey by clicking on the following link below:


Please note the certification is open for both TSA members and non-members and please see the following costs for the certification:

Cost TSA Members: £1,100 plus VAT

Cost TSA Non-Members: £1,600 plus VAT

If you are interested in obtaining the certification and if you have any queries, please do not hesitate to email Shyju ( directly.

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