CEA Boilerhouse Training Programme

In October 2011, PM5 was replaced by INDG 436, supported by BG01. The CEA have carried out a number of conference workshops across the country supporting these guidance documents. BG01 has become recognised as industrial best practice for steam and hot water boilers and highlights the legal requirement to carry out a “Technical Boilerhouse Risk Assessment” under the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 (MHSWR) Delegates attending previous conferences have requested further support from CEA to help them understand what is required, who is responsible and who needs to take action within the organisation to comply with the law. (Non-compliance with HSE guidance and the law are attracting substantial fines and potentially custodial sentences).

The Judiciary have been given new sentencing guidelines and penalties have increased significantly. HSE can prosecute you even if you haven't had an accident! If they knock on your door they have more power than the police, they can prosecute you and the company if they think you are in breach of guidance even if nothing has happened.

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