Update from the TSA Chief Executive - 3rd June 2020


3 June 2020

Dear All, 

Newsletter Number 10 and I think we are all now starting to feel a real frustration around how our industry is being treated with regards to obtaining Hospitality status, more about this later. Last week we published two key documents, the updated Hatch Regeneris report on our industry and the Reopening and Operating Guidelines for Laundries.  Over the next few weeks, I think we will start to get a feel for how the sector will recover as the government slowly releases the lock down and it will be a critical period for all of us.  Every week we join an ITSA call where we all compare notes on how our respective members are faring, some good news is that hospitality forecasted levels are starting to recover reasonably well in some of the regions.  Let’s hope we can follow the same pattern. 
Please note that Emma will be returning to Sweden for family reasons so will be away from the “office” (front room) so please bear with us while we are a bit thin on the ground – we hope she will be back next Sunday 14th June – Emma will continue to check her email and we will be in contact with her.   


DMU ProjectsAs we have mentioned previously the TSA have commissioned DMU Microbiology Department earlier this year to conduct a research in relation to healthcare test methodologies. The 12-month project has been paused due to the laboratory and University campus shutdown. Meanwhile, DMU team is focusing on a research project on Covid-19 from the perspectives of textiles and laundry operations. This research has been initiated and has attracted several expressions of interest from other National Associations to join in the project as funding partners. This also helps with costs but also more importantly gives it increased credibility when the results are published.

Reusable Gowns

The work with NHSI and PCIAW has continued to progress well. We are finalising the specification for the re-usable isolation gown which the TSA will provide to both the Cabinet Office and other interested parties, with the aim that as far as possible they all work on a standard commercially launderable gown. We have already provided a full technical specification for the Surgical Gown. This will also help provide confidence to the end user that the gowns meet the required criteria and we also hope it will establish a standardisation and control of gowns across the UK Healthcare sector.


Obviously, a key element of a reusable gown is the servicing of it to maintain the properties throughout its life. We are developing a guidance document that will allow laundries not currently certified to BS EN 14065 to obtain a temporary certification to process the gowns and potentially other healthcare products in line with procedures laid out in HTM 01-04. We are working with NHSI and the Cabinet Office to have an approval process in place.  We have appointed an independent assessment company to audit the process prior to commencement of service.

We believe this will be a great opportunity for some new laundries to enter the healthcare market particularly with the primary care establishments, Nursing and Care Home sectors.  Those who already have BS EN 14065 do not need the certification but may need to review their procedures if they do not currently process healthcare gowns.

From our member directory we can confirm that 5 members are listed with BS EN14065 accreditation. If you are accredited, please check that it is showing. If this needs to be updated, please send a copy of your certificate to Emma and please log on to our website to add the standard accordingly. If anyone requires any assistance, please do not hesitate to email Emma.  

We will also be issuing 2 new documents in the next few days.  A guide to implementing EN14065 and a practical guide to repurposing a hospitality or workwear laundry to process gowns and other healthcare products.


Reopening Hospitality Laundries Good Practice Guide
Last week we hosted a live webinar presentation of our Level 1 guidance document: ‘good practice guide’ for reopening hospitality laundries. In case you missed it, please click here to watch the recording and to read the document.   


Working Partnerships 

We are continuing to work with UK Hospitality Association, and we are reviewing different options to help provide hotels and their customers with confidence that we will deliver hygienically clean linen. We think that the TSA should mandate that all members are able to provide a validation that their wash processes fully disinfect all linens, this still allows for both thermal and chemical processes, but chemical processes will require validation from your chemical supplier.


Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme
Have outlined some of the key elements below of the recent scheme updates which I am sure you have all read – whilst the scheme currently ends in October we are supporting UK Hospitality who are lobbying to extend the scheme, so it operates for 12 months – however we think this will be unlikely to happen.

A few key points:

  • Last date - 10th June is the last date you can furlough an employee for the first time.
  • Flexible furlough – from 1st July part-time working is allowed which is a great change to the scheme – remember these arrangements need to be agreed with staff and confirmed in writing.  More information is expected to be published on 12th June.
  • Payments  
    • June and July: The government will pay 80% of wages up to a cap of £2,500 as well as employer National Insurance (ER NICS) and pension contributions. Employers are not required to pay anything.
    • August: The government will pay 80% of wages up to a cap of £2,500. Employers will pay ER NICs and pension contributions – for the average claim, this represents 5% of the gross employment costs the employer would have incurred had the employee not been furloughed.
    • September: The government will pay 70% of wages up to a cap of £2,187.50. Employers will pay ER NICs and pension contributions and 10% of wages to make up 80% total up to a cap of £2,500. For the average claim, this represents 14% of the gross employment costs the employer would have incurred had the employee not been furloughed.
    • October: The government will pay 60% of wages up to a cap of £1,875. Employers will pay ER NICs and pension contributions and 20% of wages to make up 80% total up to a cap of £2,500. For the average claim, this represents 23% of the gross employment costs the employer would have incurred had the employee not been furloughed.

For further information click here



Just a reminder that this is a free service to all members – we are reviewing usage activity to ensure it is delivering value and a service members want – any feedback would be great.   

Face Masks - Supply Route Support 
We initially thought there would be a shortage of masks, but this has not proven to be the case and therefore we have moved away from updating information on the supply situation. However, if you wish to find a supply partner who supply COVID Secure products, please visit our member directory. If you are a supply partner please check the member directory that your company is included if this is a service you provide. If it is not, please log on to our website and update accordingly. If you require any assistance, please do not hesitate to email Emma

Webinar for Small Independent Laundries 

Our next set of webinars will be hosted on Thursday 18th June and we have decided to run two webinars (South & North). To register please click below:

North Call - 9am-9.45am

South Call - 11am-11.45am

TSA - Communication and Membership

One of the biggest positives during this crisis has been how the industry has come together and it has been great to have been able to open our communication stream to non-members. Going forward we would love to keep our connections that we have built over the past few months and invite you all into membership. Therefore, to keep receiving our updates, news, resources, and access to our full membership benefits from 1st July you would be required to become a TSA member. If you wish to receive a quote and as our membership fee is based on each company’s turnover please may you kindly complete the following Turnover Declaration Form and email it to Emma. Please note the total annual turnover should exclude any retail dry cleaning services as we do not calculate your fee based on any revenue from dry cleaning.

Please click here to see our membership booklet for 2020 which shows all our membership benefits and what we do for the industry throughout the year. When things resume to normal, we shall reopen our events and course bookings.

So far we have welcomed over seven new members and we would like to take this opportunity to welcome our latest joiners: 

·East Anglia Laundry
·Seahawk Apparel/Scott Direct
·Bluebird Laundry

·The Linen Hire (UK)
·Dash Linen UK Hire



Hospitality Grant

Still an extremely frustrating area and despite all the open letters and press releases we seem to have stalled with councils starting to push back.  It is so wrong that our industry is not seen as part of the hospitality sector. Garden centres got the grant, got the rates rebate and are now open!

However, don’t give up, we just have to keep going at it!  One member even suggested we all withdraw services for a day to get the attention of the press and government. We have been advised that the best approach is to try to get a question asked in Parliament as per the event industry example outlined in our Hospitality Status Bulletin and we would encourage everyone to do this via your local MP. We shall focus our lobbying more centrally with an aim to see if we can ask for an amendment of the guidance issued by the Government to include hospitality laundries on their list as this is what the local authorities use to determine eligibility. We have had another general response from the Cabinet Office in which they directed us to raise our concern directly with the HM Treasury (HMT) and the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) and we are now awaiting their reply and we shall keep you updated with our progress.

If you are accepted or equally if you encounter a push back from your council, please email Emma. In case you would prefer to stay anonymous or if you would only like us to share your council/region please let us know.
Some of you have been in touch to let us know that you have unfortunately been declined for the hospitality status but that you would be eligible for the discretionary grants. Therefore, it may be worth exploring the top-up to local business grant funds scheme.
Hatch Regeneris Report on the Value of the Textile Services to the UK Economy 
In case you missed it last week, we shared the Hatch Regeneris report within our Hospitality Status Bulletin. Following its first publication in 2017 we have completely updated the report with the latest industry numbers including a COVID appendix. The report is useful when presenting an introduction of the industry and we thought with the current amount of lobbying taking place, now is a good time to publish it. Please see the Hatch Regeneris report below: and you can read it in full by clicking here.


Thanks to all of you who completed the global survey for ITSA (International Textile Services Alliance).  We have sent the results to Brussels and will publish when we get them.
Climate Change Agreement (CCA) 2020 

The two-year extension of the CCA scheme has been welcome news. We are seeing several new sites getting in touch with Jacobs to enrol in the scheme. We are currently developing a response to the consultation and our view on reforms for any future scheme. We have also formally expressed our interest to BEIS in negotiating a practical target for the new CCA reporting period. Details were shared in the webinar we hosted for our CCA members on 26th May. The timelines for presenting the evidence for our negotiations will require quick turnaround.

We will be in touch with our CCA members to collect the required data at a site level to form this evidence pack. Overall, the CCA scheme has been great for our industry and we will do everything to keep it relevant and functional. If you would like to join the scheme or if you have any questions, please contact Jacobs at cclevy@jacobs.com or 0845 600 8122.

Roller Towels 
The Government guidelines have been foundational to TSA’s Level 1 guidance document. However, we were notified that Cabinet Roller Towels were not mentioned among the hand drying options in Section 5.3 (Hygiene: handwashing, sanitation facilities and toilets). The TSA have now responded to the Government committee responsible with the reasons why we believe Cabinet Roller Towels are the most hygienic and sustainable hand drying solution. We will continue to update you on the progress.

TSA website is full of relevant information and resources for the laundry industry. Some links below:

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Events Update
Please see our website for more information but no changes have been made since our last CEO update.

Feel free to phone any of the team if you want to discuss anything (Emma - 0754 322 0302, Shyju - 0754 322 0303).  In the meantime, keep safe and we will keep working for you.

The more we can communicate the plight of the laundry sector the better.

Best regards,

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