Update from the TSA Chief Executive - 20th May 2020

20 May 2020

Dear All, 
Number 9 and counting! This one is shorter I promise, but still lots going on. Webinar tomorrow for the independent laundries. However, the main focus over the last few days has been on producing the re-opening guidelines for hospitality laundries, hopefully it won’t collect too much dust before we actually get round to using it! We are maintaining our lobbying efforts for attaining hospitality status and finally, just possibly, are starting to make some progress with the re-usable gowns project although with virtually no support from the government. We are also now ready to share the industry economic report which has been updated. Going forward we will issue the CEO update on a fortnightly basis.

Hospitality Grant
The number of companies who have been acknowledged as part of the hospitality sector (or other eligible sectors) has increased to 14. If you have been accepted, please get in touch as it will help us with our lobbying message. In case you would prefer to stay anonymous or if you would only like us to share your council/region please let us know. Therefore, if you are accepted or equally if you encounter a push back from your council please email Emma

We will compose another lobbying letter this week and see if we can drive them into submission.

DMU Project
Behind the scenes the work is ongoing to ensure the research is completed and we shall keep you updated on the progress of this project. Remember that the research supports you on two fronts, one is to “develop the science” around how we validate the wash performance in relation to killing bacteria and viruses and the other is to develop the evidence to support the view that healthcare uniforms should be washed commercially and not taken home – this research also includes the COVID-19 addendum.

Reusable Gowns
This continues to be frustratingly slow (may be a monthly update would be more appropriate!), however we are slowly making progress, in spite of virtually a total lack of government support.  What in principle has been agreed, if we do all the work, they will give it a stamp of approval and publicise it as a recommended arrangement. This week we have started working more closely with NHSI who are supporting the project and PCIAW who are a trade association for garment and fabric manufacturers who have also had similar experiences as ourselves when working with the government. The aim is that they will look at the procurement and we will look at the servicing element and then go back to government with the solution.  We have a further project call this Friday so more next week.  



As the gowns project moves forward (hopefully) we will need a list of accredited BS EN14065 laundries to process the gowns, we are also working on an addendum to the standard in line with process requirement detailed in HTM01-04 to enable more laundries to join the scheme and will publish something on this next week.
With the assistance of the experienced working group we have almost completed the ‘good practice guide’ for reopening hospitality laundries and we have scheduled to present the guide next week:


Please click below to register for our webinar presentation of our re-opening hospitality laundries good practice guide on Tuesday 26th May at 3pm:

Please note this webinar is limited to 100 people. In the unlikely event that we reach capacity, do not panic as we will be sharing the document as well as the recorded presentation with everyone afterwards.

Please see the guide below to help you decide on the appropriate masks for your needs. Please note this is the same as last week apart from the supply route support list has been updated with some additional suppliers:  

*This has now been removed as we initially thought there would be a shortage of masks, but this has not proven to be the case and therefore we have moved away from updating information on the supply situation. However, if you wish to find a supply partner who supply COVID Secure products, please visit our member directory. If you are a supply partner please check the member directory that your company is included if this is a service you provide. If it is not, please log on to our website and update accordingly. If you require any assistance, please do not hesitate to email Emma

We thought this would be a 30-minute job but it needed quite a lot of work to update so apologies for being late with this one.  However, it is now both correct and fully updated so can be used confidently to support our lobbying efforts. It does serve as a great introduction to our industry and demonstrates how we really are an essential service to the UK economy. The draft version has been sent to the Board today which includes a Covid-19 Appendix. We hope to publish it to all members early next week in PDF format.

As mentioned in last week’s update, we will be sending the global survey for ITSA (International Textile Services Alliance) today to company nominees. Once received, please may you kindly complete it as soon as possible, as it will be a huge help to enable further global lobbying.


Our next set of webinars will be hosted tomorrow, Thursday 21st May. Thank you to everyone who has already registered, we have over 60 attendees already. If anyone has not had a chance to register and would like to join please do so by emailing Emma by close of business today with the following:

1. Any new key concerns you may have

2. Which region’s web conference you would like to join:
Midlands: 9am-9.45am
North: 11am-11.45am
South: 2pm-2.45pm 


We are continuing to work with Jacobs, the Environment Agency and government to ensure we arrive at a reasonable realistic target for the new scheme on behalf of the laundry industry. We are also hosting a CCA WebEx call on 26th May at 11am to present the anonymous results of our CCA survey. If you are a CCA member or looking to join the scheme and you have not already registered please email Shyju


Since the beginning of lockdown, we have opened our communication to the industry as a whole to ensure we can all work together and get through the crisis. As we are likely to be in this new world for some time it has been agreed with the Board that we should put a time limit on this. We are now communicating with over 50 non-members which is fantastic and hopefully everyone is benefiting in some way from the work the TSA has been doing. As a trade association we are desperately keen to have all the industry on board, so we want to try and persuade all the smaller independent laundries who are not yet signed up as members to join. We are also aware that now may not be the best time to invoice you so we have agreed that subject to you signing up from the end of July we will issue you full complimentary membership for May and June. Emma will contact you all with a turnover declaration so we can let you know how cheap it will be! Once you have made a commitment, we will issue you with your membership log in for our website which will give you full access to all the resources and benefits. Remember all the income we get is spent on promoting and supporting the industry so the more members we have the more we can do.

For more information about our membership please see our Membership Booklet 2020.

Please note with the current situation we are focusing mostly on lobbying to ensure the sector is recognised and heard by the government as well as specific guidance and support for our members. When things resume to normal, we shall reopen our events and course bookings.

A big thank you to Steve from Vega Systems UK for sharing his musical talent with us. It is very impressive and you can check out his entry here.

You will not require this certificate to travel to and from work, but they may still be required for access to childcare until the school system fully opens. If required email Emma

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Events Update
Please see our website for more information but no changes have been made since our last CEO update.

Feel free to phone any of the team if you want to discuss anything (Emma - 0754 322 0302, Shyju - 0754 322 0303).  In the meantime, keep safe and we will keep working for you.

The more we can communicate the plight of the laundry sector the better.

Best regards,

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