Update from the TSA Chief Executive - 17th June 2020

17 June 2020

Dear All, 

Number 11 and still counting!  At least this newsletter can start to talk about the hospitality plans to reopen, we don’t yet know when, how or if it will work financially – lets hope this proves to be good news for everyone.  We as an industry are in unprecedented times and many of us will be wondering about our futures as we are about to enter week 14 of lock down, how can we continue to survive with no income and virtually no support? It is a question we will keep asking the government. I just want to comment on what an incredible industry we are, we somehow just seem to be getting on with it and I truly hope that in the next few weeks we will at least start to get a feeling of what the ramp up may look like and we can see some light at the end of the tunnel (not CBW). At the TSA the whole team is passionate about continuing to support you in whatever way we can, you all deserve to come out of this together. Lots has been happening and most is covered below but please let us know if there is anything else you think we should be doing.


Hospitality Grant 

We have been trying to increase the lobbying activity around our industry getting recognised as part of the hospitality industry. Whilst we have had some success it has only been a few and until the guidelines are changed, we are going to struggle. Therefore, with the support of Mark Woolfenden (Board member) we have requested guidance from an experienced lobbyist. Following his advice last week, we asked specific members in Tory MP constituencies to compose a personalised letter to their local MPs requesting to raise these concerns with treasury department ministers. The key to the success of the campaign is that the members follow up the letter and try to get copies of it so we can then engage the lobbyist in direct follow up with the Minister. We have been warned that there is so much lobbying activity at the moment, 100’s of letters a day, we should not be over optimistic although he did feel our case was strong if we can get the right audience. Please, if you have been asked to write a letter, do the follow up and keep Emma informed.  

We are also planning on sending a further open letter from the TSA to plead your case and to add additional pressure on the Government. We will share a copy of this letter and please circulate this with your contacts in local and central governments and the mainstream press to help us re-emphasise the pressing needs of our industry.

Additionally, the following press release has been published to try to create some noise, feel free to also send it on to anyone and everyone, the more noise the better.

Laundry Industry “Totally Ignored by Government”

So far, we know it has been shared on the following platforms, but if you see it anywhere else, please let Emma know. 

The Caterer: Laundry Industry Leaders Claim The Sector Has Been Ignored By Government
FCSI: Early Reopening For British Pubs And Restaurants?
LCNi: TSA: Laundry industry “totally ignored by government”

UK Hospitality Supplier Survey 

Thanks to everyone who completed the UK Hospitality Supplier Alliance Survey on the effect of the lockdown at such short notice. Over 300 companies completed the survey which is being used to support the lobbying efforts. The final results have not yet been published but we have been informed of the following findings so far:

  • 50% have seen revenue fall by 95%+
  • 70% have seen revenue fall by 75%+
  • 25% likely to close if Government support is ended too soon
  • 75% forced to make redundancies – with an average 40% of employees being cut.

We shall share the results with you as soon as they have been received as they will add more strength to our lobbying going forward.   

ETSA Survey 
Thank you for completing the survey, the TSA has currently outperformed all other associations by the number of responses. There are associations who have received just one response, we much appreciate your engagement with our efforts. Hopefully, we will be able to circulate the results in our next update. 


Reusable Gowns

We and our members are starting to make real progress with convincing the government to replace single use gowns with reusable. The NHSI has confirmed most NHS trusts have been notified of the change over and gowns are arriving on a weekly basis. As the stock in circulation increases this will be rolled out across all sectors of the healthcare sector, although exact detail and timelines are still vague. In preparation for the increase in demand we have gone on the front foot and prepared a repurposing document process to allow non-healthcare operators to repurpose and enter the gowns market for a share of this additional work. I would want to thank Shyju, Eoin Flavin and Richard Newton for the incredible effort they have put in to this document and I think it will form the foundation enabling the industry to be ready to service the growth in demand, with a professional and hygienic network of laundries. The document is currently being reviewed by NHSE and may be subject to change but we have been given the green light to share it with you and it will be the only recognised solution to take part in the project without full certification to EN14065. It should be noted that this is only a temporary certification scheme during the epidemic. If your intention is to remain in the market post COVID, you will require full certification.  We will be publishing a new guide to EN14065 next week.
For those laundries obtaining the temporary certification when successfully assessed you will be included on the list of approved processing sites provided to the NHS and the Government. We will be covering this in more detail on the webinar tomorrow and will keep interested parties up to date with developments. Please see registration details below under Webinar for Small Independent Laundries.

DRAFT: Re-Purposing A Hospitality Laundry to Process Healthcare Level 2

Please Note: We will be adding an appendix with a task list and as this is still a draft document please provide any feedback to Shyju you may have.

Our latest press release on the ramp up for gowns was published yesterday:

PPE gowns shortage finally sorted out?

So far, we know it has been shared on the following platforms, but if you see it anywhere else, please let Emma know. 

LCNi: TSA breakthrough: Government working with laundry industry to provide reusable PPE solution for NHS and healthcare sector
LCT: PPE gowns shortage finally sorted out?


Re-Opening a Hospitality Laundry During COVID-19
You should all have had a chance to review the Re-Opening a Hospitality Laundry During COVID-19 guidance document. The feedback has been extremely positive, and you can review the document here.

Re-Opening a Hospitality Laundry during COVID-19 Level 1

It has been agreed that we will periodically update the document and list a summary of all the changes within the appendix. The first amendment will be issued on 25th June so any additions would be welcome by emailing Shyju

Working Partnerships

We have reproduced the joint guidelines documents we did originally in February with UK Hospitality, and we are finalising a brochure around hotels and laundries working together in the reopening phase. This will help to reassure everyone that hotel and venue linen is safe, and that all members have committed to a disinfection process which right now I think is a good message to get out there.


We shall share this brochure as soon as it has been finalised and approved by UK Hospitality, but please see an image of it below. We hope to circulate as a PDF later this week or early next week. If members wish to adapt it to incorporate their own logo, contact details etc we can do this (for a nominal fee). The aim would be to allow you to send it directly to your customer base.

The document will also include marketing tools and four videos to help demonstrate how your customers can reassure their guests. The examples below are concept designs that you will be able to reproduce as single sheet flyers or as a card to be placed in hotels and restaurants. 




The first video has been finalised and we are hoping the other three videos will be completed by the end of next week, please see below:

Table linen & Social distancing

Chefs wear and Staff uniforms

Hotel Safety

Title TBC

Reproduced Joint Guideline Documents 
As mentioned above we have rewritten the joint guidelines documents with UK Hospitality on handling linen. It is still in draft format but has been approved by the user group. Once it has been fully approved we shall share this with you, in the meantime, please click below to read the draft document. Please let Shyju know of any feedback you may have. 

Managing Linen in Hotels & the Hospitality Sector



ECV Presentation on Global Apparel and Textile Market Place 
A member sent through the following presentation on a recent study of the textile and apparel global marketplace and how we are seeing some significant shifts in the traditional supply routes.

ECV Presentation


Croner Webinar - HR & Employment Law - Wednesday 24th June 10.00am
We have scheduled a bespoke one-hour HR and Employment Law webinar to help provide you with some further guidance during this crisis. The aim is for the webinar to be laundry specific to ensure the aspects that are relevant to you are covered. Please send specific questions to Emma in advance of the session and register below: 

Register for Croner Webinar

Webinar for Small Independent Laundries 

Our next set of webinars will be hosted tomorrow, Thursday 18th June. The main topic we will cover is the re-purposing of hospitality laundries to process healthcare products. It is also an opportunity for a Q&A and to address any concerns that you may have. Thank you to everyone who has already registered. If you wish to join, please click below to register:

The registration has now closed. 


TSA - Communication - Non-Members

As we are fast approaching July, our communication will shortly return to normal and only shared with members. Therefore, if you are not a member and would like to receive a quote and as our membership fee is based on each company’s turnover please may you kindly complete the following Turnover Declaration Form and email it to Emma

We would like to take this opportunity to welcome our latest joiners, that’s over 10 in the last four weeks. Its fantastic for the TSA membership to be growing in these incredible tough times:

CANDO Laundry Services
Elite Linen Textile Services Ltd
Three Sheets to the Wind


Climate Change Agreement (CCA) 2020 

Since we have formally informed the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) that we would engage in target negotiation for the 2-year extension of CCA, we have received tailored templates from BEIS to initiate our evidence collection. Jacobs CCA team will get in touch with the CCA members shortly to collect site level data to present back to BEIS. Please plan and allow sufficient time between now and the first week of July to fill in the template. If your data can be sent back to Jacobs as promptly as possible, we can start the significant amount of work it takes to accumulate the data to present back to BEIS. We hope for successful negotiations with BEIS and keep you updated on the progress.

Health and Safety Data Collection
The TSA have been collecting health and safety data for the laundry industry since 2017. We had presented the results and trend analysis in our previous conferences and knowledge network meetings. H&S data have been important to identify, plan and initiate various projects. Two such projects were the publishing of TSA’s Cage Ergonomics Good Practice document and Fire Safety Good Practice documents. The H&S Reporting Template was sent on Monday this week to all Health & Safety contacts for each member. We hope to receive the individual laundry data by 8th July 2020. We are keen to avoid any duplication of data. Please assign one person in your organisation with the task of coordinating this for your laundry. If you would like a copy of the template, please contact Shyju.

Energy Contracts 
We are hearing from a few members that utility companies or brokers are now looking at enforcing the Volume Tolerance Clause (VTC) on contracts – something many of you may not really have not heard of as in the past it has often not been implemented. Often a contract may have a tolerance of say 80% to 120% of predicted volumes and now with COVID-19 closure many laundries will be well below the lower threshold which means you could be invoiced for the shortfall. The coming months will soon determine what route suppliers take here and at what ‘unknown and probably unplanned’ cost this will have for you. Please keep us up to date by emailing Emma with what suppliers are doing – those that are understanding and which ones are billing regardless of the reasons.

TSA website is full of relevant information and resources for the laundry industry. Some links below:

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Events Update
We still hope to host our Autumn Conference as planned on 23rd September. However, it is still too early to confirm but please keep an eye on our future updates for further news on this. Please see our website for more information but no changes have been made since our last CEO update.

Feel free to phone any of the team if you want to discuss anything (Emma - 0754 322 0302, Shyju - 0754 322 0303).  In the meantime, keep safe and we will keep working for you.

The more we can communicate the plight of the laundry sector the better.

Best regards,

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