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We have three exciting webinars for you to register for, all free of charge on the following dates: 

1. World Textile Services Congress (WTSC)
Global Textile Services Market Analysis
29 September 2020

2. Invisible Women
How to unlock potential and profit, through a talented pipeline of senior women leaders
7th October 2020 

3. Apprenticeship Webinar
TSA's training adviser David Kinson will take you through the apprenticeship opportunity
15th October 2020 


1. World Textile Services Congress (WTSC)

Join this exclusive presentation of the first-ever Global Textile Services Market Analysis, an assessment by The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) of opportunities to be seized and risks to be managed by the industry worldwide. Factoring the economic turmoil from COVID-19 into its study, EIU has examined shifts in key market sectors including:

·       Construction

·       Energy (oil and gas)

·       Healthcare

·       Hotels

·       Manufacturing
Covering countries in all world regions and combining industry expert insights with evidence-driven research, EIU, a sister operation to The Economist magazine, has examined how linen and uniform service has grown globally. This presentation will tune you into the world of possibilities for your organisation to create a stronger, differentiated value proposition. You’ll get ideas to shape your strategy and investments through:

·       Ancillary services

·       Deeper frontier market penetration

·       Sustainable practices

·       Increased automation

An executive panel from market leading, globally operating textile service providers discuss how their previous international expansion contrasts with and reflects the current market research and what these new findings mean to the industry. Panellists will recount their organisations’ exploration in recent years of global indicators and shifting client profiles and expectations to revitalize operations in traditional and new markets.

Jim Kearns, Executive Vice President, Alsco Linen & Uniform Rental Services

Juha Laurio, CEO, Lindström Oy

Henning Siemens, Regional Managing Director Workwear, CWS International GmbH

MODERATOR: Claire Casey, Global Managing Director, Public Policy Practice, The Economist Intelligence Unit


As a WTSC host association, TSA members benefit from a free registration, to register please click below:

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2. Invisible Women 

There’s never been a more pressing time to ‘sweat your assets’ or to ‘unlock potential’, the stakes are high and the margin for error is slim. Our members webinar Invisible Women - How to unlock potential and profit through a talented pipeline of senior women leaders seeks to question, are we sitting on talent you didn’t know existed, with everything else going on, does it make sense to focus on Diversity and Inclusion now and if so, where do you start?
Join us and our webinar host, Jackie Moody-McNamara, who will be sharing research and asks the question, can we afford not to make progress in the advancement of women leaders? She will also be talking to some of our members about their experiences and successes in this area. There will also be an interactive Q and A session.

Other questions to be answered?

  • Is there a compelling business case for achieving a balanced workforce?
  • What are the barriers to overcome if you wanted to achieve a pipeline of talented senior women leaders?

What can be done to overcome the barriers, what are the critical success factors?

“I have generally found there’s a fear to openly discuss the issues surrounding women’s advancement in business, a fear that people don’t understand the subtitles and expose their ignorance or say the wrong thing and be judged publicly. A great start is to provide insights, ask questions and talk, in a safe space without judgement, it’s the only way to make progress” 

Jackie Moody-McNamara

How to unlock potential and profit, through a talented pipeline of senior women leaders
7th October 2020 at 10.00am-11.00am

For all TSA members:

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3. Apprenticeship Webinar 

Are you looking for a nationally recognised and approved apprenticeship standard specifically for your laundry operatives?
Are you looking to take on an apprentice or upskill existing employees?
Who can take an apprenticeship?
Apprenticeship training is available to everyone irrespective of age or length of service so you can source laundry operative training for a new starter or upskill your existing employees.
What does it cost?
Depending on the size of your business and whether or not you pay the apprenticeship levy the cost of an apprenticeship programme can potentially be fully covered by your apprenticeship levy payments or as a non-levy paying organisation you receive 95% Government support. There are other criteria such as candidate numbers and geographical location that may impact the delivery costs making an additional employer contribution necessary.
How do apprenticeships work?
The structure of an apprenticeship programme is governed by the Institute for Apprenticeships and must meet strict guidelines.
Training: The Textile Care Operative Apprenticeship training programme lasts twelve months and is delivered at the candidate’s workplace.
Training is provided through a Government approved training provider and supplemented with knowledge and skills gained through work experience and ‘off the job’ training. The standard has a core and option pathway.

Core knowledge, understanding the why and how includes:

  • Industry and company background
  • Health & Safety
  • Quality and environmental practices
  • The cleaning and finishing process
  • Equipment and IT knowledge  

Core skills, the how to, includes:

  • Communication, time management
  • IT and systems
  • The wash process from sorting to despatch

Behaviours covering:

  • Good housekeeping
  • Motivation and target achievement
  • Customer focus
  • Respecting others  

The optional knowledge and skills section will allow candidates to focus on their own part of the industry and gain an understanding of other aspects of the sector meeting the governments requirement for a flexible and transferable standard.

The option sections cover:

  • Healthcare
  • Food industry
  • Work wear
  • Clean room
  • Hospitality

Training also includes the requirement for the candidate to achieve Level 1 maths and English and work towards Level 2.
Once the candidate has completed their twelve months training they are put forward for assessment.

Assessment: To maintain impartiality the assessment process is carried out by a third-party End Point Assessment Organisation. Assessors are recruited from within the sector, so they have the experience and knowledge to carry out meaningful and fair assessments.   
Assessment takes place at the candidate’s workplace and involves:

  • Multi choice answer knowledge test
  • Guided walk around the workplace where the candidate describes the operations taking place whilst answering assessor questions
  • Practical observation of the candidate carrying out the five processes of
    • sorting
    • washing
    • drying
    • finishing and final sorting/despatch

Programme Update:
The Textile Care Operative programme is currently being delivered by NTG Training who are currently delivering training to the first cohort of candidates, the first group of which are nearing the point of assessment. The TSA has engaged with other training providers in an attempt to develop a future network of training providers, improving geographical coverage and member choice.   
Development of assessment resources and assessor recruitment is nearing completion and significant work is being done by SEG Awards the approved end point assessment organisation in readiness for the first assessments to be carried out.  
As with almost everything else Covid-19 resulted in a complete cessation of the continuing delivery of the apprenticeship programme and the work required to be ready for the first assessments, but we have some light at the end of the tunnel and work is starting to build back up again.
This is only a very brief outline of the Textile Care Operative Apprenticeship programme and has probably generated more questions than it has answered, if you’re a TSA member and you're interested in knowing more for new employees or existing members of your team why not register for the TSA Apprenticeship Webinar below:

15th October 2020 at 10.00am-11.00am

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If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us at tsa@tsa-uk.org or call us on +44 (0)20 3151 5600. 



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