SA 8000 Ethical Trading

TSA published an Ethical Sourcing Guideline in January 2016 and stated that SA 8000 would not be an option due to the hiatus in Pakistan. This hiatus has now been lifted.  

SAAS, SAI and the accredited CBs have implemented a number of changes over the years to improve the SA8000 system and address the risks associated with implementing and auditing SA8000 compliance.  Together, we can continue working toward reducing risk while maintaining SA8000 clients who meet the Standard.

After many activities, field visits, and oversight audits in Pakistan, and upon consultation with SAI, SAAS has authorized BV and SGS to open the SA8000 certification system to new clients.  Both CBs may continue servicing its previously certified clients as well as take on new clients and deliver SA8000 services in Pakistan as it does in all other countries within the scope of its activities.  At this point in the year, SA8000 services shall be delivered using SA8000:2014 and all the new procedures, policies and requirements related to SA8000:2014.

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