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Robotics set to take more jobs from the North of the country than the South, according to Centre for Cities recent health-check on UK city economies. 

The article was picked up by TSA HQ from the Tomorrow's FM journal and features Centre for Cities research. For a more detailed analysis, please visit: 

Centre for Cities, a leading UK-based think tank, have announced that automation and globalisation will boost jobs in British cities over the coming decades, but will also deepen economic and political divisions across the country – with Northern and Midlands cities more exposed to job losses than cities in the South.

Cities Outlook 2018 is the Centre’s annual health-check on UK city economies, and focuses this year on the potential impact of automation and globalisation in driving both jobs growth and job losses in British cities over the coming decades. 

It reveals that one in five existing jobs in British cities are likely to be displaced by 2030 as a result of automation and globalisation – amounting to 3.6m jobs in total – with retail occupations, customer service roles and warehouse jobs among those most at threat.

Significantly, however, this risk is not spread evenly across the country, with struggling cities in the North and Midlands more exposed to job losses than wealthier cities in the South. Around 18% of jobs are under threat in Southern cities, compared to 23% in cities elsewhere in the country.

Moreover, the report raises concerns that automation and globalisation will magnify the political dissatisfaction and divisions highlighted by the outcome of the EU referendum in 2016 – with many cities most at risk of losing jobs also among those which voted most strongly for Brexit.


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