My vision for the TSA

Having sat on the TSA Board for 20 years, I thought this was going to be a relatively straight forward role, but there have already been moments when I’ve wondered what I’ve taken on! The overriding experience though has been exciting, particularly as one starts to put in place the Boards’ vision and strategy going forward.  

Having worked with previous Chief Executives, you had the flair and buzz of Murray Simpson (God bless him), the safe and steady pair of hands from Roger Salmon, and the strategy and compliance provided by Philip Wright. I want to combine all of these attributes and move the TSA forward, with a bit of a refocus on delivering real tangible benefits to our Laundry Members and Supply Partners.

I don’t want any Member to view their subscription as a charity donation; it should have clear deliverables and a value proposition that you are all comfortable with and understand. After all, it’s your money and our job is to make it work for you.

When I sat down with the Board (and I’ve carried on this conversation with all Team members), I committed to a range of objectives we plan to deliver over the next 12 months.

  • We want to engage and grow our Membership, both Laundry Members and Supply Partners. Laura-Jade Heseltine has been working hard to develop an Events Programme which has been designed to deliver a comprehensive range of training, networking, and communication forums to enable all of you to engage actively in our activities. For example, our Spring and Autumn Conferences are targeted across your Management Teams; we want more people to attend these events, they’re not just for CEO’s.
  • We want to continue raising the Industry’s profile (a big part of this is lobbying) and we plan to adopt a more hands-on approach here using existing experts within our sector. Some of the work from the Knowledge Networks, when complete, may well form PR campaigns, however, these will be targeted at specific sectors and may even have their own funding sources.
  • Training. I think we can do a lot here to deliver real value to you. Throughout the Advisor, you will see reference to Training; my only proviso to the Team was that before we put on a training course, we engage the Membership with a pro-forma commitment to each course before we resource it. If you have a training need you think the Industry would benefit from, we will put on that training course subject to committed numbers.
  • Technical. I had no idea, until I took on the role, how much technical work your Associations is currently working on. Shyju Skariah heads up this key area and there are various updates within the Advisor that demonstrates the solid work he is doing here. My only comment to him has been we make sure it is easy for people to access this information, both as an active participant of the Knowledge Network or simply as an observer. It is your information.
  • Finally, I need to make sure the numbers work so I am busy working on the 2019 Budget which again I would be delighted to publish in the next edition of the Advisor so please make sure you’ve all paid your subs!

I guess it is easy to list what I plan to do, but the Team are going to be judged on what we achieve and I want to make sure we deliver in line with what you want. I am trying to meet,  or talk to, as many Members as possible but in a part-time role it’s impossible to get around everyone quickly, so please bear with me. We have a full-time Membership & Communications Manager, Giorgio De Faveri, who is also available to meet up with you and gather your thoughts but if you want to speak to me directly, I’d love to hear from you, just drop me an email at david.stevens@tsa-uk org and I’ll be in touch.

I see this as the beginning of an exciting journey and I hope to get the Industry fully on board over the coming months.


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