Johnsons Hotel Linen announces new partnership with employee support charity the Fashion & Textile Children’s Trust

Fashion & Textile Children’s Trust (FTCT) is a grant-giving charity that helps the children of UK fashion and textile employees who are struggling financially. This includes employees of laundry companies.

Johnsons Hotel Linen have begun working in partnership with the Fashion & Textile Children’s Trust to help employees with children, during times of financial crisis.

Employees who seek help are typically  experiencing financial difficulties as a result of an unexpected change at home, such as bereavement, a relationship breakdown or and ongoing situation such as illness of a child or parent over and above any support provided by Johnsons Hotel Linen which includes providing all of its staff an employee assistance programme providing independent confidential telephone support for any financial, emotional or legal support 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Anna Pangbourne, Director of FTCT met Rebecca at the TSA Spring Conference back in May 2019. Soon after, Johnsons Hotel Linen started promoting the charity to managers and employees throughout the company.

“We are extremely proud to work in partnership with FTCT, it’s great to help families in need, we know this has already had a hugely positive impact for a number of families in the division and I know FTCT would welcome more applications.” Commented Mark Woolfenden, Managing Director, Johnsons Hotel Linen.

Anna Pangbourne, Director, FTCT said: "We are now working with a number of laundry companies across the UK and it's managers like Rebecca who can really help make a difference by ensuring employees know about our charity. The fact that nine children have already received support is brilliant and a testament the work Rebecca has done to champion our charity within the company.”

Rebecca Morgan of Johnsons Hotel Linen added, “Challenging personal circumstance can happen at any time, but through our new partnership, we can ensure all Johnsons Hotel Linen employees with children, can access help when they need it most.”

The Fashion & Textile Children’s Trust works closely with the Textile Services Association and the National Laundry Group and have helped 17 children of laundry employees since July 2019.

The TSA are extremely pleased to have the FTCT on board, offering vital support services to our membership where needed and we are happy to have FTCT in attendance at TSA events to engage more with our members.

Any companies interested in working with the charity should contact Anna directly by email

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