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On the 14 November 2018, the TSA attended the ETSA Environment and laundry Technology Network meeting at CWS-Initial, Lokeren, Belgium. It was a very well attended meeting which covered resource efficiency, sustainability and circular economy and how the benefits of commercial laundry can be related to the newer generations of users and decision makers in the industry.

During the meeting, ETSA also shared their 5th ETSA Communication on Engagement on UN Global Compact, a document confirming the industry’s commitment to the 10 principles enshrined in the UN Global Compact, in terms of the social, environmental and economic aspects of sustainability and corporate responsibility. The report provides concrete examples from member firms on how we are living up to this commitment. A news release was also distributed across Europe, to updated the relevant press.

5th ETSA Communications on Engagement on UNGC Press release - 5th ETSA Communications on Engagement with UNGC

Other highlights of the meeting were:

  • A study by the University of Southern Denmark on reuse and recycling of textiles, using which two new ETSA resources are being drafted, to encourage people to use textile rental and leasing solutions, and to promote reuse and recycle of textiles within the industry.
  • Prof Dr Lutz Vossebein shared an open letter, Textile hygiene – Home washing vs professional industrial washing, on the risks of washing at home, particularly for items used in hygiene-sensitive environments, such as for foodstuff, elderly care and in healthcare. A news release is available for sharing 
Press release - Risks of washing at home
  • A brief history of ETSA environmental and sustainability work since 2003 to give a perspective of how far the sector has come in the past 15 years.
  • An analysis of micro-sized fibers discharged from textile laundry, with new results and conclusions from the Hohenstein Institute.
  • There were also sessions on new disinfection treatments to develop textiles with permanent hygiene, and the conclusions of a life cycle assessment of surgical drapes and tapes, showing how reusable products were environmentally superior to disposable ones.

A full report  is available to download and includes links to all the resources discussed at the meeting, free to access for ETSA members.

ETSA meeting report - 14 November 2018


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