CLEAN returns lost toy 170-miles to owner

The 13-year-old toy, loving known as Mr Nightly, was reported missing by the Gillam family following a stay at Premier Inn – London Heathrow Bath Road and was tracked to CLEAN’s Yeovil laundry on Lufton Trading Estate.

Once found, the team at the laundry wrote the owner, India Gillam, a story of the toy’s day spent at CLEAN, featuring images of the bunny attending important board room meetings and trying out the brand-new sorting platform, before being sent in the post. India, who lives in America, was visiting family in East Sussex where the toy has been returned.

Ming-Sai Gillam, India’s grandmother, said: "My granddaughter had come over from the US for three weeks and brought Mr Nightly with her. When she realised she'd lost Mr Nightly and had to go back to the US without him she was so upset. I was getting calls nearly every day asking if I'd found him. I didn't think in a million years we'd find him, but when we found out he'd been recovered by CLEAN we were so relieved, and my granddaughter was elated. We can't thank the team at the laundry enough." 

Geoff Milverton, site director at the CLEAN Yeovil laundry: “I’m so pleased to have been able to return Mr Nightly to his owner, alongside a creative story of his stay with us at Yeovil. This is just one of the many examples of the brilliant team here going above and beyond for our customers and their guests.”

This isn’t the first item to be found between the sheets at a CLEAN laundry. In a Lost and Found survey completed by the laundry supplier, the strangest items to be found amongst hotel bedsheets have been noted as an oil radiator, side of salmon, police laptop, dentures and a finger puppet.


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