Carbon Trust Industry Funding Scheme

Latest Industrial Energy Efficiency Accelerator (IEEA) programme offers £9.2M for innovative projects (assistance with capital funding) to achieve energy efficiency. The TSA has already engaged with the Carbon Trust to ensure that our industry may be fully prepared to take advantage of this opportunity. The Carbon Trust presented at the TSA National Conference (10th Nov. 2017) and provided an overview of the whole range of funding schemes currently available in addition to the IEEA.


Our industry has a history of working closely with the Carbon Trust and this has achieved a number of benefits, including contributory funding for a number of energy-saving investments, total funding for independent energy site surveys and Carbon Footprinting exercises, the development of an industry best practice energy savings report, Berendsen achieving the certification for water use management and reduction, assistance towards achieving the industry Climate Change Agreement,  validating equipment qualification for Enhanced Capital Allowance and support for our work in the initial IEEA scheme in 2010 and subsequently in 2015.

Following are some of the industry projects currently on record with the Carbon Trust and these along with any additional ideas will be immediately reviewed for submission.

  1. Development of industry process model (benchmarking tool): development of a process computer model/tool to help understand the variances and impact of one part of the process on another, e.g. the effect of the drying and finishing.
  2. Move towards polyester based towels which will weigh 30% less with an expected reduction in energy.
  3. Develop a method to update low-grade heat into a more usable format, possibly by the use of heat pumps (MVR/heat pumps).
  4. Humidity and temperature controls on tumblers (retrofit).
  5. Dust mat design and construction to optimise water and soil release in processing
  6. Develop the use of modular steam, hot water and compressed air generation for specific and designated integral application as an alternative to main plant and distribution system.

The most important aspects in consideration for this competition are innovation and cross-sectoral impact.

It is intended that the Technical Standards Knowledge Network adopts the responsibility for broadly considering potential innovative projects within the IEEA brief. TSA is intending to bring together the machine manufacturers, any other technology developers, and TSA members to collate project proposals to the Carbon Trust for their evaluation.

Carbon Trust representatives have agreed to work closely with us to ensure that the proposals are structured in the correct way to ultimately succeed in the competition for funding. If you need any additional information, please contact TSA office or email

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