Autumn Conference 2019 - Post Thoughts

Held on 17th & 18th September at the stunning Ardencote Manor in Warwickshire, the conference kicked off with dinner on Tuesday evening with 91 members in attendance. We had mind reader Alex Crowe interacting with dinner guests and involving them in party tricks and Mike Palin from Technical Matters was presented with an achievement award for his services to the Textile Industry - well done Mike!

The day conference itself brought in a total of 130 delegates, which was opened by TSA Chairman, Charles Betteridge and welcomed by TSA Chief Executive, David Stevens. The morning sessions focused on a follow up from the Spring Conference held in May and the work that had been undertaken since then.

This included TSA updates and follow ups from FTCT and Johnsons. Anna Pangbourne, director of FTCT explained how they've engaged with the TSA membership since May, and how they can provide financial support to families of the textile care industry. Rebecca Morgan from Johnsons provided attendees with an update on Employing Ex-Offenders, a topic that was brought to light in May, with futher news on this and a touching case study.

Rona Tait from TDS Commerical led a talk on Women in the Industry and drew on some personal experiences. Shyjy Skariah (TSA's Technical Manager) then took to the stage with a supporting cast of Gary Youngson (Elis), Richard Newton (Opeque/TSA) and Mark Exton (Micronclean) to give the all important update on TSA Knowledge Networks and projects. We were then joined by Natalie Chapman from the FTA (Freight Tansport Association) who delivered a paper on transport in the future and how this would look in so many years' time.

The afternoon sessions were then full steam ahead with the great news about the Apprenticeship programme moving forward. This was presented by TSA's learning Advisor David Kinson and supported by Cathryn Atkinson, Skills Education Group and Lee Morris, NTG Training.

We then welcomed Katie Laird from De Montford University to deliver a paper on the DMU disinfection project supported by Simon Fry of Micronclean. TSA Membership and Events Manager, Laura-Jade Heseltine then spent a short time on the TSA events programme for 2020 and celebrated her one year anniversary of working for the TSA!

And if this wasn't enough.. our key-note speaker, Paul Sinha brough the conference to the close by providing our audience with a comedic take on his life, both entertaining and inspiring - thank you Paul!

The TSA would like to thank you all for attending, and hope you had a wonderful day! We would also like to thank our Premium Supply Partners who were exhibiting throughout the conference for their ongoing support to the TSA.

Please see some of the speaker slides as below:

TSA update_David Stevens.pdf FTCT_Anna Pangbourne.pdf Ex Offenders_Rebecca Morgan.pdf TSA KN update_Shyju Skariah.pdf Working with the TSA_Mark Exton.pdf TSKN_Gary Youngson.pdf Standards_Richard Newton.pdf Transport_Natalie Chapman.pdf TCOA_David Kinson.pdf Apprenticeships_Cathryn Atkinson.pdf Apprenticeships_Lee Morris.pdf DMU_Katie Laird.pdf 1 Events_Laura Jade Heseltine.pdf 2

These remain copyright of the presenter and are for personal reading use only.


A selection of photographs are also as below:

TSA Autum Conf 2019-1.1.pdf TSA Autum Conf 2019-1.2.pdf TSA Autum Conf 2019-1.3.pdf TSA Autum Conf 2019-1.4.pdf

Photography credit goes to Richard Rigg from Thermopatch who captured the event extremely well!

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