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As a Supply Partner member of the TSA for over 25 years, we have seen the association grow and develop into the industry’s leading authority. It has delivered us with many brilliant networking opportunities, alongside excellent industry insights, seminars and workshops. We have long established customers as a result of our relationship with the TSA and will continue to be a member for years to come.
Providers of textile services all face similar challenges. Issues such as improving health & safety, training and development, understanding upcoming legislation and identifying new technologies are all important areas where we face a common challenge. The TSA’s leadership through conference, committees and special interest groups creates an environment where members can draw on collective experience, technical specialties and identify optimal solutions which benefit our customers, employees and organisations. The TSA’s highly valued service is helping us align within our industry and achieve sustainable, class-leading solutions.
The TSA is a forum for members to share experiences, train and learn from industry colleagues, which helps significantly in developing our businesses. It makes a real difference by providing balanced representation of industry challenges with one cohesive voice, whether to government, quasi-government bodies, the hospitality market or individual customers. Guidance and support through a range of ever changing legal, technical and health & safety issues is also of considerable value.
The TSA’s effective negotiations with the Environment Agency in connection with the Solvent Emissions Directive (SED) in the UK were of direct financial benefit. Our membership gives us access to influence the requirements of the directive or any proposed changes to it along with any other legislation, new and proposed, from both HMG and the EU that could impact our drycleaning business. We believe membership is a mark of respectability for our drycleaning business, providing reassurance for the customer. We use the TSA logo on many of our point of sale materials. Consumer organisations, newspaper consumer columnists etc recommend that customers take their garments to TSA member companies. The TSA is pointed to by the Citizens Advice Bureau to aid consumers in resolving complaints, and we know, in the event of a grievance, some of our customers benefit from the impartial advice given.

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