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Member Benefits

TSA reached out to current membership to find out what they love about their trade association and…we listened. The future is all about implementing change and achieving the best. We want YOU to join us on the journey.

Top 5 benefits for TSA members:

  • Setting industry best practice and raising industry profile
  • Shaping standards and Influencing the legislation
  • Networking at TSA events and conferences
  • Comprehensive, high-quality training courses
  • Discounted Climate Change Agreement and energy deals

These are just part of an extensive package which includes:

  1. Employment support helplines
  2. Comprehensive health and safety support via Codes of Practice and Guidelines
  3. Free credit checks on other companies
  4. One year free industry magazine subscription
  5. Customer advisory scheme
  6. Networking with recommended Supply Partners that react to your needs

What else is there?

  • Use of the TSA logo on printed and digital media. It shows that you are a member of an organisation dedicated to quality and credibility
  • A directory listing on this website
  • Dedicated members­-only area on the website with unique content
  • Case study advice on problem areas
  • Seminars on industry topics
  • Member magazine with engaging articles

Good practice and informing the public

The TSA informs the public about good practice and fair compensation. The public often don’t understand why things go wrong with dry cleaning items and we provide the guidance they need whilst encouraging them to buy from TSA members.

Benefits by Business Type

Benefits especially for Dry Cleaners

  • Updates on problem garments, including Red Alerts via our website
  • Advice on best stain removal action
  • Customer Advisory Service
  • Advice on fair compensation
  • Advice on innovation via group meetings
  • Advice and updates on solvents and cleaning methods

Benefits especially for Laundries

  • Access to the Climate Change Agreement, providing huge savings via tax rebates
  • Access to Special Interest Group meetings
  • Opportunity to participate in group meetings
  • Advice on innovation and standards via group meetings

Member Testimonials

We believe TSA can help your business in many ways! But don't take our word, read what our members say.
Each garment gets scanned in upon receipt and assigned a ticket
Thank you to our kind members for their feedback.
Member Testimonials

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