Commercial Laundry

Industry Facts and Research

Some facts about the commercial laundry industry:

  • The UK laundry sector, including dry cleaning and other cleaning services, is worth around £1 billion a year
  • Between 2011 and 2016, the market grew by 0.7% annually
  • The sector employs 31,700 people across 3,700 businesses
  • Commercial laundries are used by many markets, including hotels and restaurants, hospitals and care homes, gyms and fitness clubs, cruise ships, student accommodation and any company requiring specialised employee clothing or workwear

Climate Change Agreement (CCA)

TSA has secured a significant tax break for energy-efficient laundries. Under the Climate Change Agreement, commercial laundries and textile rental companies that meet specified energy reduction targets receive a 90% rebate on the Climate Change Levy on electricity and a 65% rebate on the Climate Change Levy on gas.

The CCA has encouraged the industry to improve its energy efficiency and become even greener than it was before.

Standards and Regulations

The following standards apply to commercial laundries:

  • ISO 9000/1 Quality management
  • ISO 14000/1 Environmental management
  • EN 14065 RABC system
  • CFPP 01-04 Decontamination of linen for health and social care
  • Investors in People Bronze
  • Investors in People Silver
  • Investors in People Gold
  • BS 18001 Occupational health & safety management
  • ISO 10472 Safety requirements for industrial laundry machinery

The following standards apply to commercial workwear laundries:

  • ISO 20471 High visibility
  • ISO 11612 Heat & flame
  • ISO 11611 Welding
  • EN 13034 Chemicals
  • EN 1149 Electrostatic
  • IEC 61482 Electric arc (UV)

Laundry Cost Index

The TSA publishes the Laundry Cost Index twice a year, which highlights rises or falls in laundry companies’ costs. Principal costs tracked include labour, textiles, energy, diesel and other transport.

Latest Laundry Cost Index

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