Commercial Laundry

Commercial Laundry

Many people are unaware that the bedlinen and towels they use in a hotel, the tablecloths in a restaurant or the protective clothing worn in a factory may well have been provided by a textile rental company.

Textile renters supply and maintain garments and textile products to a wide range of sectors, including hotels & hospitality, healthcare and industrial production. Yet as an industry, it is little known.

Use of a textile rental service provides many benefits. A specialised rental company is able to invest in and hold a comprehensive stock, with no need for the customer to hold costly stocks of their own. The supplier can provide a full cleaning, repair and maintenance service, tailored to the customer’s needs and leaving them free to focus on their core business.

As part of a recognised, professional industry, the rental company will operate to high standards of cleanliness and health & safety, complying with all relevant environmental regulations. Like the food industry, its cleaning processes will be based on a system of hazard analysis and critical control points (HACCPs), ensuring the laundry is free of contamination.

Textile rental is itself an environmentally friendly solution, with a centralised laundry service replacing a proliferation of individual cleaning facilities.

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