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TSA is an inclusive member-led organisation that protects, promotes and educates the textile services industry.

We protect the industry by representing its collective views to government, media and regulatory bodies.

We consult our members through working groups, forums and special interest groups to ensure we accurately represent the industry’s views. Our national conferences are a key date in the industry calendar.

We also work to promote our members’ services to potential customers in our key target markets.

As the textile care industry evolves, we educate new generations of members in changing technology and practice, ensuring they keep abreast of new developments.

We run courses for managers, engineers and technicians and provide training in the systems and machinery used in our industry’s processes.

We believe it is part of our Duty of Care to provide the information, support and advice our members need to deliver the best service they can.

Promoting Our Members to Key Target Markets

Workwear Laundries

Specialise in the care of clothing and uniforms that help protect industrial workers, fire and police officers, road workers, armed forces and more. They also keep corporatewear crisp and clean, reflecting the professionalism of customers’ brands.

Healthcare Laundries

Keep hospital sheets and surgical gowns decontaminated and safe, protecting patients, surgeons and hospital staff.

Hotel & Hospitality Laundries

Service and support tourism and catering businesses, providing and maintaining the pillows, duvets, linen, towels and other textiles needed by these growing, thriving industries.

Dry Cleaners & Wet Cleaners

Service the general public by providing a cleaning service for garments and household goods. They can remove stains and clean items that are too delicate for domestic machines. Other services, such as key cutting, are often provided too.

Our Team

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Our Team

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Membership of the TSA is available to laundries, dry cleaners, textile renters and their suppliers. It is a support network for the industry.
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Membership of the TSA is available to laundries, dry cleaners, textile renters and their suppliers. There are plenty of benefits to enjoy.
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