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The trade association started in 1886 during the early years of laundry mechanisation, when it was known as the National Laundry Association. As the industry developed over the course of the next hundred years, several different names were adopted before the organisation became the Textile Services Association in 1989.

The association has achieved many beneficial agreements and deals for the members and industry. Most recently the Climate Change Agreement was negotiated with the government, rewarding laundries who reduce their energy consumption.

TSA consultants have influenced the development of relevant Technical Standards, ensuring that they are sufficiently robust and practically sound. Plus, over the years, the association has set up great deals for members with companies like HR management experts Croner Consulting.

The innovative services provided to the industry over the years are the association's shining stars, such as the Textile Rental Management Course which was introduced in the 1980s and the free customer advisory service, launched over 20 years ago.

The humble, historic tumble washer

Key Dates


The Association launches revolutionary website that adds a multitude of benefits to the membership.


Climate Change Agreement for the industry comes into effect, negotiated by TSA


The organisation agrees on a new, all-encompassing name: the Textile Services Association (TSA)


Reflecting the evolving nature of the industry, the organisation renames itself the Association of British Laundry Cleaning and Rental Services Ltd


The association becomes the Institute of British Launderers and Cleaners Ltd, changing to the Association of British Launderers and Cleaners Ltd two years later


The Worshipful Company of Launderers is founded


The name is changed to the Institution of British Launderers Ltd (‘Institution’ becoming ‘Institute’ in 1955)


The association becomes the National Federation of Launderers Ltd


The name is changed to Launderers’ Association Ltd


The National Laundry Association is founded in the UK, quickly becoming the National Laundry Trade Protection Association


The first hand-cranked mangle is invented, marking the beginning of laundry mechanisation

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